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Pat Remick

Mystery fiction, non-fiction, short stories and news

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Pat Remick
Award-winning mystery author, journalist, and non-fiction author & editor

Pat Remick is a mystery author and non-fiction writer based in New Hampshire.


She served as 2010 president of the New England Chapter of Sisters in Crime and as such, was co-chair of the 2010 New England Crime Bake for Mystery Writers and Readers.

Pat was named the 2007 Al Blanchard Award Winner for best crime short story for "Mercy 101." This prestigious mystery award was given at the 2007 New England Crime Bake Conference sponsored by Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. Pat's award-winning story is published in"Still Waters: Crime Stories by New England Writers" by Level Best Books.

To read about Pat and her award, click hereTo read about Pat trying to write mysteries despite her dog, click here(Written by Courtney Mroch and published courtesy of”)

Her mystery novel in progress is entitled Murder Most Municipal.


NON-FICTION (to learn more, visit
Her non-fiction titles, written with husband Frank Cook, include:

21 Things Every Future Engineer Should Know
A Practical Guide for Parents and Students

21 Things Every Home Inspector Should Know
Practical Advice for Building a Successful Home Inspection Career

Pat Remick
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